Domingo 08 de Marzo de 2020

Happiness, the other freedom

I saw the first butterfly of the year today. The spring is coming again. Its intense orange colour contrasting with the black spots on its wings pervaded me with happiness. While I was walking along the gloomy yard covered in cheap concrete it was flying beside me, letting itself be carried by the soft wind in a joined rhythm. It slowly rose in order to transcend the huge wall that blocked my way and probably never be met again, disappearing in the great immeasurable space and although my body...

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Lunes 25 de Noviembre de 2019

Wild Child

Wild Child The fourteenth moon makes itself smaller, wanes, the cold sails here by way of the arctic winds, the humidity settles in with the walls, the freeze flies invisibly in the air running through the window, I enjoy the northern winds, autumn is fading and the implacable winter is announcing itself early. The smells of the chimneys of the surrounding houses reach my nostrils, cork oaks, pines, woods turned into ashes delighting me with their majestic melancholic aromas that excite my...

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Martes 08 de Octubre de 2019


Magic (Day 262) From Palaeolithic times to the present day, magic has been a central part in the lives of men and women. It is an experience that constitutes men like work and language. It ranges from children's play to erotic encounters and from finding oneself alone in the world to feeling part of it. It is a detachment from the "I", from what we are or believe ourselves to be, through faith, power, imagination towards the other that we are as well. That inner voice on a...

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