Martes 08 de Octubre de 2019

Magic (Day 262)

From Palaeolithic times to the present day, magic has been a central part in the lives of men and women. It is an experience that constitutes men like work and language. It ranges from children's play to erotic encounters and from finding oneself alone in the world to feeling part of it. It is a detachment from the "I", from what we are or believe ourselves to be, through faith, power, imagination towards the other that we are as well. That inner voice on a parallel level that we call consciousness, which allows us to create or travel to other realities as architects of our inner worlds, and provides us with a kind of constant companionship, is the source, is God.

Magic is what is not taught at school, the academy, by the media or religions; or possibly, if the individual searches within himself, these external factors can contribute to such teaching. Otherwise, magic slowly disappears over the course of development of a person conditioned by a society of production and consumption, where magic is not desired and systematically tried to be eliminated in the banality of that gradual and progressive process.

We are magical beings by nature, and though this flame may be dimmed in some, it will never be extinguished; it will always be there for us, much as they eliminate the prophets who have brought us closer to it or distort their message, the magic will always afloat naturally and in flow, when we believe and trust in our ancestral wisdom and when we nurture it and do not allow it to be dimmed.

Magic is the only power that can save us from being reduced to servile slaves of technology, money, appearances, social opinion, customs, religion, work, sex and all those nettings in which we have been or could be trapped. Merging such external factors with our self-awareness and inner journey under the fire of the mighty flame always burning, lies the magic, forging the sword of our genuine freedom and the constant search for our path. It also provides us with the courage to stand firm in the face of the world that invades our subconsciousness with opposing information, fear, confusion, chaos, division, selfishness, war, etc.

Magic is the ability to dream or induce and manipulate reality and its content. To determine dreams through the cessation of internal dialogue, to daydream and fly to the place or situation you desire until you see it as a physical and palpable reality. Self-awareness as an introduction to spiritual awakening is a knowledge despised by western culture and contemporary science. The ancients and natives around the world have always known it and through plants, insight and a myriad of techniques of human experience have used magic for the spiritual development and consciousness of their communities and/or civilizations; but missionaries as well as scientists have approached the still existing indigenous communities not so much in order to get to know them but to change them, connect them and integrate them into today's spiritually confused society, being from their arrogant religious position or scientific aberrations errors or cultural products to be classified and catalogued in the museum of curiosities and monstrosities.

The theme of knowledge is linked to that of power and both constitute the constant metamorphosis of man. Mental, physical, emotional, existential knowledge is complemented by magical and spiritual knowledge, the latter not being exclusive to shamans and monks; it is necessary and available to all who wish to approach it, through the will to search and the curiosity of questions like: Who are we really? What are these intrinsic networks that connect all of humanity and offer us a sense of unity? Experience founds knowledge and action founds power, our real power, the power to choose to be free or be slaves, to create a path in an inner quest or to follow a dulled mass that has the same path designed for all.

It is also a real and common factor that life experiences of suffering and pain bring us closer to the awareness of magic, often substituted by a religious, social or physical placebo, but also many other times determining the beginning or the continuation of a person on the path of consciousness of the unity. Only after overcoming the battle with the demons of anger, pain and helplessness that is brought by injustice and abuse, I approach a certain peace in an inner rejoicing; however, it is not a constant, it is a goal that I shall reach every day, when I look around me and need to protect myself from the hostile environment which I do not belong to through love, music, teaching, insight, forgiveness, acceptance, lyrics, meditation, movement...

Only by experiencing other worlds can we hence place our own at its right value and thus enable us to glance at the real world, the one between our own cultural structure and those other worlds where yin and yang merge, and only experience, subject and learning, knowledge and power exist as the axis of transformation. And so the experiences of suffering and pain shall be accepted as opportunities to get to know, enter and feel the way of magic. Magic is the way of the heart.